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Training and competing in agility for 15 years. I have 4 Shetland sheepdogs. The oldest is Sully who is 10 years old and is a 4 time champion. Sully has been on the European Open USA team 6 years and is the best little traveler ever. I have seen the world because of this little guy. Pippin is 6 years old and is very fast but also very challenging. Lainie is 4 years old and is just coming into herself. She is beginning to be confident and happy competing. Max is the baby and he came shortly after losing my heart dog Angus. Max is super fast, super smart and has a little bit of those I have lost in him. He is the whole package. I am looking forward to the journey with this boy.. I am a Finance Director at and R&D place by day and agility competitor every chance I get. I spend my free time training, trialing cross training and teaching agility. My dream is to someday be on the AKC World Team.

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